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IPBAC 2017 Program
ipbac 2017 program
The best practices that European business aviation businesses, industry, investors, governments, and regulators need to follow to compete with other large hubs in Europe, the U.S. and the rest of the world.
The opportunities for business aviation in Spain, Portugal and Andorra
The contextual, strategic and tactical challenges 
Actions to ensure unprecedented growth to see the Iberian based fleet grow two to three times fold in the next decade 
​The markets and giving global stakeholders and users access
Make the territory a preferred  jurisdiction to be the “next” big development in European business aviation 
How can Education, Academia and Training prepare the future leaders into the next decade 


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Oscar S. Garcia (Chairman of IPBAC)
Chairman & CEO, InterFlight Global Corporation
Brandon Mitchener​ (CEO of EBAA
Conference Opening Address
Mark Diaz (International TBM Sales Director, Daher)
Lunch Keynote Presentation
location & venue
Hotel Puerta América*****
Avenida de América, 41
28002 Madrid, Spain
This hotel is a project that breaks new ground by using different colors, materials and shapes, with different designed rooms on each floor. A 5-star hotel that introduces guests to bold, innovative spaces, very different from the norm.

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